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Sun, beach and rest on the paradisiacal west-coast.

On the road to the antique cities and the paradisical places along the sea. To enjoy the beautiful historic places which witness the power of the past rulers, to appreciate the picturesque countryside scenes. A journey on the west coast of Karnataka to discover its history and culture.

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- 13 days
- Discover tour
- 3 days in Goa

- An itinerary marked by visits to highly spiritual places: Badami, Hampi, Sravanabelagola
- Discovering Goa, which has the most beautiful beaches of India.
- The Amba Vilas palace of Mysore

20/12/06 - 01/01/07
07/02/07 - 19/02/07
20/02/07 - 04/03/07
14/03/07 - 26/03/07
11/04/07 - 23/04/07


D1: Goa
Arrival at Goa, transfer to the hotel
Portuguese site, witness of the past regarding the trade market in spices.

D2: Goa

Goa with its beaches edged by coconut palms, with its church, with its imposing cathedrals, and a warmhearted population, attracting many tourists.

D3: Badami
At Aihole and Pattadakal, religious capital of the dynasty Chalukyas ( 6th to 8th centuries: The interest of these temples, wonderful by their original purity, belongs to the fact that the constructors and sculptors tried some new styles.
Sightseeing of the caves of Badami. Guest-house.

D4: Badami / Hampi
Road to Hampi.
To the famed ruins of Hampi, remains of one of the most illustrious kingdoms of the south – the Vijayanagara Empire on the banks of the mighty Tungabadra River.

D5: Hampi
Hampi beckons to the visitor in a magical way. It stands on rocky terrain as though primitive ghosts with a fabled past stood there. One can spend hours walking and discovering its hidden charms – temples, courtyards and other remnants of history, witnesses to an illustrious past. One can casually stroll or bicycle to take in the sights. Remember – Hampi is a photographer’s dream. You can take some truly stunning pictures owing to the specialness of the landscape and the smoky quality of light. So have your cameras ready!

D6: Hampi / Bangalore
From the ancient ruins of Hampi we will move to another scenario altogether - the busy and futuristic but exciting metropolis of Bangalore – referred to by the media as the “silicon valley of India” owing to the many internationally known software companies that have their offices here.
The inner city area is as modern and cosmopolitan as you can wish. You will get everything from pizza and perfume to handicrafts, movie theatres, pubs and other entertainment.
Hotel at Bangalore

D7: Bangalore / Somnathpur / Mysore
From Bangalore Yatra moves to Mysore via Somnathpur , a small village about 33kms east of Mysore, known for the famous Kesava (Krishna) temple, built in the time of the Hoysalas - the kingly dynasty that ruled these parts and who are also responsible for the magnificent , if incomplete, temple structures in Belur and Halebid . The Kesava Temple is renowned for its remarkable detailing and will reveal many architectural and structural wonders to the interested observer. Hotel at Mysore.

D8: Mysore
The town has a palpable sense of history and heritage combined with a pleasant climate and friendly people. Mysore was the political center of the Mysore maharajas (the Wodeyars) for a long time. The Amba Vilas palace (one of the main tourist attractions) was their residence in former times and is a majestic spectacle open to tourists today. We will proceed to Chamundeswari Hill( patron goddess of Mysore) with its gigantic Nandi ( Siva’s bull) sculpture atop it. And enjoy the fruit and vegetable market for a real live colorful bazaar experience.

We will explore three more places on the cultural/historical/religious trail of Karnataka. We will make our first stop at Sravanabelagola , one of the oldest and most important Jain pilgrimage centers in India and the site of what is believed to be the world’s largest monolithic statue – of the naked monk Gomateswara – After it will be Belur and Halebid . Both Belur and Halebid (along with Somnathpur) are representative of Hoysala temple architecture, agreed by many to be among the finest Hindu temple architecture in India. Known for the clarity and realism of their detailing these temples are truly captivating in their grandeur.
Night in Hassan

D10: Hassan / Udupi
We motor to Udupi on the picturesque coastal road. Udupi is well known for its cuisine, referred to as the distinctive Udupi menu ( outstanding for its purity and flavor) in many restaurants around the south ( known popularly as “Udupi Hotels”) . The town is well known for its Krishna temple in the center, and is open for visits.

D11: Udupi
It is quiet and overlooks the clean, shimmering waters of the Arabian sea where you can swim, snorkel, hike... or just relax. The resort offers Yoga and other healing sessions (Reiki) for those interested. Their restaurant serves delicious food – both Western and Indian. Their seafood is highly recommended. –
Night in a resort.

D12: Udupi / Goa
Transfer to Goa. Night in Goa. Free afternoon.

D13 : Flight

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