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The horse riders at the Khampas of Mekong heights.

The western Tibet is an unknown land well protected by timid horse riders of the Khampas. Nomads roam around the high plateaus of Khampas. This journey will take you to explore the valley of Mekong till Qamdo, the capital of Kham. A long adventurous trek for people who expect to find back the fabulous old tradition of earlier times. This region is hardly visited although it has a magnificent landscape where the adventurers will have to have an open minded spirit and to cope with the native people.

Info Techniques
- 18 days - Altitude is moderate: 9 days of climbing between 3500 and 4500m of altitude.
- Managerial staff: Christine Pauchard as an accompanying guide. A Tibetan guide, a cook and a    contact person.
- Luggage is carried on horse backs.

- The Tibetan monaster Zongzalin of Zongdiang
- A walk to Markham
- A unique admiration of the Tibetan landscape
- The local lifestyle of the Tibetans

From 03 May '07 to 25 May '07


J1: Flight Bangkok/ Kunming in the mid afternoon. Hotel.

J2: Flight Kunming/ Zongdiang (3200m)
Approaching the mount Mekong and the Yangtze, getting closer and stepping into the land of Tibet. Hotel.

J3: Zongdiang: 3200m
A day to get used to the climatic conditions. Visit to the Tibetan monastery Zongzalin founded by the 5th Dalai Lama, founder of Potala of Lhassa. It is an old and important complex, 300 years old which can roughly accommodate 600 monks. Hotel.

J4-5: Zongdiang/ Dequen/ Markham (4200m)
Minibus will take us to the heart of Tibet. We will reach the twisting contreforts of Yunnan.
Two days are necessary to rejoin Markham, the capital of the South East Tibet, situated on a huge plain dominated by the monaster, which was once the general district of the mongoles sent by the 5th Dalai Lama in a fight against the lamas Karmapas. Hotel..

J6: Markham/ Dzogong
After a trip in the minibus ,
an old superb tibetaine city with its monastere, many stop on the way. It’s a beautiful landscape . Nights in a local hôtel

J7: Dzogong / Sahi
After a transfer of 3h on the high plateau, or of many camps of nomads are install, we go down by feet to join the village of Sahi. Sahi is a very beautiful village which overhangs the river. We discover the traditional life, far from the Chinese influence.
We will originally come back to Mekong. We will join a Tibetan village and camp there.

J8: Sahi/ camp
6 hours of leisurely walk along the river. We are at 4100m of altitude. We will rest near a small monastery.

J9: camp/Zochui . 6h of walk
Nous continuons de monter, apres les bois de bouleau succedent le paysage aride des hauteurs, quelques habitations troglodytes, dernier signe de vie avant les cols.
We continue to go up, after the wood of birch succed the arid landscape heights, some dwellings troglodytes, the last signs life before the collars

J-10: Zochui/ sala
crossing the high plateaus of Kham with a summit of more than 6000m crowned with endless snow, undercut with deep valleys and meandering rivers. Between 4000 and 5000m we will reach several peaks. Walking down the slope we will discover the village of Sala (3500mwalls of Mani, odor of the tea and the roasted tsampa 6h of walk. Bivouac under tent

J11: Sala/ camp (2600m) 4-5 h walk
we will reside on a cultivated plateau with forest covered vegetation where the long walls of Mani are hidden. Then we will be heading towards three mountains following the strip of a river and its flowing water. The landscape is animated with plenty of houses seen from far away.

J12 Camp/ Yegon
We will stay along the Mekong on the side of the mountain to reach Yegon. A 2-3h walk. Yegon is a big and beautiful village. We will eat and sleep in a big Tibetan house.

J13: Yegon/ Kagong
We will walk all day along the mountain side of the Mekong and time to time we will climb 100m in a stretch. A 6-7h walk. We will stop near a big house to spend the night.

J14: Kagong/Zechoui
On the last day of walk we will come across a number of villages and on the downhill there runs a river flow branching into the Mekong. Bivouac to Sechoui 4-5h walk.

J15: Zechoui/ Quamdo
A small travel in a minibus to reach Qamdo. Next we will visit the old city and its monastery. Hotel.

J16: Flight Qamdo/ Chengdu

J17: Chengdu visiting in the morning, and having the afternoon free.

J18: Flight Chengdu/Bangkok

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