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Yatra Nova

Auroville's Travel Agency
Fraternity (Papyrus Building)
Auroville - 605 101
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Phone: +91 (413) 2622095
              +91 (413) 2622096

Fax:      +91 (413) 2622633

Email: yatranova@auroville.org.in


where your journey begins...

You are two, three...
some friends and you want to travel...
you have your own wishes...
our program don’t fit with your free time or your desire...
You dream for an eccentric trip
And you want to get the same benefits:  to use our organization, our help And yes or no use a

group leader.... I study with you, the tailor made trip that you will never forget.

In South India, in North India , In Tibet or in Yunnan( China)

Contact The specialist in tailor made tour


10 years of experience in picture commentary all over India, south China, and east Tibet. Following by experience in different skills as group leader and logistic responsible and create tours for French agency as Club Adventure, UCPA, Air France Tourist Department)

You are a travel agency, an association, and you want a local agency in India which is sure, reliable , which can help you to organize new tours and give you profit of a good report quality and price.