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Yatra Nova

Auroville's Travel Agency
Fraternity (Papyrus Building)
Auroville - 605 101
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Phone: +91 (413) 2622095
              +91 (413) 2622096

Fax:      +91 (413) 2622633

Email: yatranova@auroville.org.in


Please fill in the following form only if you are interested in this trip. All our trips include 4 to 6 participants and as for a maximum of 12. You will receive rapidly an Email of confirmation stating your (Pre-Reservation Form) with all the schedule and details. You will also get a complete inscription form.

Time schedule for departure or cancellation will be confirmed 21 days before the official departure. In case of doubt you can contact us by mail or telephone 91 413 2622633.

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Number of interested people for this journey.
If you are many to travel, thanks for letting us know in advance your name + surname + address and details of other people who will receive a complete catalogue of this trip.

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