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Function Obtain Visa in UK Travel Info (South India) Practicial Infos & Registration Details

You have a choice: you may call our office, or email the advance booking form. Contact us by telephone to get more information of the sites you will be visiting and verify whether there is a vacancy, otherwise send an email asking for a brochure to plan your extended travel.

Fill in the advance booking form and return it to us via email.

Formalities and customs
Make sure that you carry a 6 month valid passport after the date of your arrival.

Chinese Visa
Requesting a Chinese visa for the Tibetan circuits: consult us before making a request.

Indian Visa
It will take 48 hours.

No need for any vaccine in the countries already visited. But it is always safe to be ready for any imposed vaccination: tetanus, polio.

Verify immediately whether you can reserve an airline ticket for your chosen date. Look at it carefully and contact us by email indicating the time schedule and date of arrival.
Would you like us to take care of your air ticket? That is possible. In that case we will contact you separately regarding the price of airline ticketing.

Anticipated departure and postponed return
In several cases you can ask us whether you want to leave before the previewed date and or to return later than scheduled. You can complete your travel journey as you like.

Meeting on the spot
We will arrange an appointment on the arrival of your international flight.

Registration confirmation
It will be addressed by mail at the reception centre under your name. For a particular trip a detailed leaflet will be sent to you.

Payment of the trip

A bill will be sent to you so that we can receive your payment.
The travel has to be paid in full amount 15 days before departure.
The payment can be made by bank account or through check if you live abroad. If you come to our office, CB payment is also accepted.

Insurance policy
If you are not insured by your Credit Card, you can make a contract with an Insurance Company in your country.

Whatever the reason for cancellation, you must inform Yatra Nova as soon as possible through fax, email, or telephone. The cost will be eventually refunded by insurance policy and calculated according to the date of cancellation.

Cost of cancellation
- between 30 and 16 days before the departure : your amount will be refunded under the condition    of an inclusive sum of 50 euros per person for the cost of your document.
- between 15 and 8 days before your departure : the cost will increase to 50% of your trip.
- between 7 and 3 days before the departure: the cost will increase to 75% of your trip.
- less than 3 days before departure : the cost will be 100% of your trip.

Cancellation by Yatra Nova
If Yatra Nova should cancel the departure for any reason the participants will receive a 100% refund. . If the number of participants has not been gathered, the trip may be cancelled. However, if all participants accept, the trip will be maintained, averaging the supplement fee calculated to the best approximation. You will be informed at least 17 days prior to the departure date if this should occur.

Yatra Nova cannot be responsible for personal members, particularly concerning formalities of police issues and health problems during the whole of the trip.
On the other hand, in terms of quality and organization of your trip, we will use ideal modes of supplier (transporter, hotels, charter, local agencies, etc.) Yatra Nova can never be mixed up with them, regarding their own responsibility.

Every stay or interrupted travel or shortened decision of the participating member and for whatever cause it may be, Yatra Nova will not accept even a partial refund.

Given the particular characteristics of our travel, we cannot be responsible for taking care of the loss and charges in case of change of dates, timings, or previewed route ways, particularly if there is a modification in the scheduled events or any other tragic circumstances such as blocked route ways, shabby bridges, inaccessible healthcare centers, disrupted communications, adding to the inefficient security systems of travelers and changes in the legislation. These changes can coincide before or during the trip, either due to the travel agency, or by the chiefs of the sender, or by the local supplier. Every participant should be informed of the laws and orders of the representative of the travel agency, which state that we are not responsible for incidents such as accidents, or corporal damage, which result due to personal negligence.

Information card
You will receive this card at the moment of your subscription for a trip, or obviously if you subscribed earlier. The card contains detailed information of sites, how to access the sophisticated program, details of managerial staff, accommodation, a list of your personal details, and the administrative formalities.