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The Partners of Yatra Nova

Our adventurous trips can only be successful with the help of our coordinators: local guides, drivers and adventurous camel drovers. These people, like us, are consciously concerned for the fulfillment of our journeys and so give us a hand all along the way to ensure that each trip is enriching. Our team will give you full satisfaction and strengthen your spirit.

Managerial Staff of Our Journey
Yatra Nova is one of the rare travel agencies in India which provides a group of European as well as Indian guides. The choice of selection for a Yatra Nova guides is based upon simple requirements: a thorough knowledge of the geography of the area involved for the particular trip, good educational qualifications plus proper psychological conduct toward the people involved: a high rank of competence.

On the 'Discovery Tour' either a European or Indian guide will complement the trip, speaking your own language. In some regions local guides may assist...

For the 'Sportive Tour' the accompanying guide of Yatra Nova will be assisted by a well known specialist ( kayak for example, VTT. ) On the passage through Rajasthan during the camel riding segment of the trip, a group of native camel drivers will accompany throughout the whole group, supporting our journey. They understand their land and are necessary at moments.

On our 'Interior Voyage' journey the accompanying guide will be assisted at times by a tutor disciplined in personal development ( yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation…).

The accompanying guide is responsible for all the technical aspects of travel. His or her human qualities plus knowledge of the country are indispensable tools in approaching the environment and cultural background. He is the hope of the ethical respect of humans and their different milieu. He will take care of security arrangements and the organization of travel.

The billing includes all the presentations in the land of travel ( India or China.) The international flight from your own country is not included . If you want a quotation for your international flight, let us know. Before your commitment to one of our tours, check the availability of various airlines for your chosen destination. For South India, the arrival airport is Madras ( Chennai) or Trivandrum and for North India, such as Rajasthan, select Delhi.

If you are interested in any of our offers, we invite you to fill in the advance booking form.

The travel on spot
Apart from the travel sites offered in this website, the travel spot provides another possibility for people wishing to book in advance and to continue (on a family trip, with a small group of friends) noting the exact date of departure and the duration of the journey. Feel free to contact us, your satisfaction is our goal. We will guarantee you an auspicious and most prestigious service.

Yatra Nova, and its legal denominations?

Yatra Nova is a travel agency, unit of Auroville Foundation,
Recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
Office order number 49, dates 20.01.2006
Administrator: Pauchard Christine, M . Palani