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Tour Conditions

This tour is intended for those who are actively interested to take part and discover themselves, reflect themselves and what we call “the art of living”. Through ancient techniques like yoga or Tai-Chi, we want to help you understand your body and your spirit in different ways. Yoga comes from the Sanscrit word Yug: to link, to connect. Yoga is one of the six systems of Indian philosophy. It is the union of all the energies of the body, mind and spirit with the Divine. The seminar takes place in Auroville recognized as an international city where research takes place, and is located in South India, the cradle of Dravidian culture. It has all the qualities to support our needs. We will also be priviledged to visit the cities of Tanjore and Madurai and experience the Indian art of living, discovering its vibrant culture in different perspectives. It is an inward journey, towards oneself and outwards, towards others, to develop a new way of looking at life and its message.

Info Techniques
- 13 days
- Inner research tour based in Auroville

- Option 1: 5 days of yoga conducted by a professional teacher from Auroville. The guide is a yoga teacher who will give classes early in the morning.

- Option 2: If it is a tai-chi program then it will be a scheduled five-day practice session coordinated by a professional teacher from Auroville.
The art of Chi : Tai-Ji Quan and Chi. < Stevanovitch’s method >
The Art of Tai Chi (Stevanovitch method)
This is an energetic body work of the Orient that is excellent for the health.
Tai Chi and Chi Qong are traditional arts of China, accessible to all.
The practical movements develop deep respiration, promoting well-being in the nervous system as well as muscular develoment while stimulating the body's vital functions.
The practice of Tai Chi develops strength and flexibility, concentration and calmness.
Development of one's Chi is the primary objective ofthe Inner Way.

- Option 3 In the case of meditation : The guide will be an old student of Buddha meditation. In this particular case, we will be unable to teach the real technique of meditation. It can only be a group of people who would practice this meditation with joy, travel around and experience this unique benefit. Every day we will give time for two hours of meditation. You will benefit a lot from this journey. During the 5 days in Auroville we can explore Yoga Asanas < or shiatsu or watsu>. One choice have to be made in the beginning.During leisure you can get a massage < ayurvedic, shiatsu or reflexology, depending on the availability>.

- An itinerary marked by its visits to highly spiritual places : Thiruvanamalai, Madurai
Discovering Auroville the city of truth.
- The trip is organized by a professional teacher who works on personal developmental techniques <yoga tai-chi>
- Activities that encourage introspection and relaxation < walking, massage>

20/12/06 - 01/01/07
07/02/07 - 19/02/07
20/02/07 - 04/03/07
14/03/07 - 26/03/07
11/04/07 - 23/04/07


D1: Chennai/ Pondicherry/ Auroville
Transfer to Auroville. Discover Auroville

D2: Auroville
Yoga or Tai-Chi, meditation, massage. Afternoon: Discover Auroville.

D3: Auroville
Yoga, meditation, massage or Tai-Chi. Lunch- then discover Pondicherry, visit the Samadhi, the tomb of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, short stroll along the “white town”, dinner in town , return to a guest house.

D4: Auroville
Yoga, meditation, massage or Tai-Chi. Afternoon relaxation: the beach, for example. Evening, dinner at a guest house in Auroville.

D5: Auroville
Yoga, meditation, massage or Tai-Chi. Afternoon a leisurely walk or bicycle ride along the roads of Auroville.

D6: Gingee/ Thiruvanamalai
Yoga, meditation, massage or Tai-Chi. After lunch, departure to Gingee: visiting the fort before heading to Thiruvanamalai, a famous spiritual place. Night deciding on location.

D7: Thiruvanamalai
Early morning before sunrise, a climb up to the hill, visiting caves and the Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashram and the temple. Night in a hotel.

D8: Thiruvanamalai/ Tanjore
We leave to Gangakondacholapuram, where Chola kings built a magnificent temple on the banks of the Ganga River to celebrate their victory. We will take the road to Tanjore, on the delta of the Cauvery River. Tanjore was the capital of Chola, the most prominent kingdom of South India. We will visit the Brihadishwara temple. Stay in a hotel.

D9: Tanjore/ Madurai
Madurai, one of the oldest core cities of South India, has been a centre for religious training and pilgrimage for many centuries. In the heart of the town a 1000 year old Meenakshi Temple is situated < the fish eyed Goddess- a manifestation of shakti, the female divine principle in the cosmos>, with its complex corridors and holy shrines, one of the finest examples of Dravidian craftsmanship and architecture. Its huge Gopurams at the entrance with its walls ornamented with delightful sculptures and figures representing many symbols of Indian mythology, culture and religion. It is a truly fascinating experience to visit this temple and its colourful sites. Hotel in Madurai.

D10: Madurai/ Peryarr
Morning: shopping in the Madurai market. After lunch, transfer to Peryar. Hotel in Peryar.

D11: Peryar
Peryar is a famous natural reserve in Thekkady, a few hours drive from Munnar, located at an altitude of 1000m, situated across the Peryar Lake which is the result of a river flow. We will walk along the Reserve Parks with trained forest guides, who will help as to spot some of the wide variety of animals that inhabit there. Afternoon: sight seeing at a spice-garden. Hotel.

D12 : Periyar/Mahabalipuram
Transfer to Mahabalipuram spends the night in a hotel.

D13: Mahabalipuram
Visit the temples spread out in the hills, the famous bas-relief describing Arjuna’s penance, to the five ‘rathas’. Flight in the evening.

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