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Yatra Nova

Auroville's Travel Agency
Fraternity (Papyrus Building)
Auroville - 605 101
Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Phone: +91 (413) 2622095
              +91 (413) 2622096

Fax:      +91 (413) 2622633

Email: yatranova@auroville.org.in


Yatra Nova (Yatra means “travel” in Sanskrit, and nova means “new” in Latin) is an international travel agency based in Auroville, an international township 8 kms from Pondicherry , on the Coromandel Coast in the south of India.

Professionalism, multi-cultural and inner research are the key words that define us.

Ten years of experience working with French agencies, such as UCPA and Club Adventure, is an indication of our know-how and professionalism.

Our multi-cultural aspect is a result of working in Auroville, where some twenty nationalities are represented. Our team is made up of people coming from different parts of the world, so no matter what country you come from, you will be able to feel at home with us in India.

We believe in inner research, because all external travel is also inner travel. We nourish this dimension, so that knowledge and well-being may develop within you and that your inner being may blossom.

No matter which trip is offered (or tailor-made for you specifically) we put all our attention into providing you with the best quality/price value, while respecting the local inhabitants and their traditions. Our wish is to promote quality tourism, organize original trips and to favour ecotourism in a spirit of openness and sharing.

“Travel is a door through which one leaves reality to enter into an unexplored reality that resembles a dream.”